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Estate Planning
and Administration

Everyone leaves a legacy: each one is important. Protect your loved ones and support your causes now and into the future. Manage the complexity of a deceased’s obligations with sensitivity and efficiency.


Guardianships and

When a loved one can’t manage their own health or finances, a court-appointed guardian or conservator may be needed. Koch Law, LLC guides clients through this process, including the consideration of less-restrictive alternatives that may be helpful.

Koch Law, LLC also provides other legal services on a case-by-case basis; please inquire for more information.

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About Koch Law, LLC

Koch Law, LLC is the law firm founded by John C. Koch. John strives to provide personalized legal services to his clients. He enjoys helping people think about problems in new ways that lead to undiscovered solutions. He works to give confidence to those who face uncertainty in life events. Learn more about John by clicking the button below.

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